Attach field mower to power take-off with four new cap screws provided in package.


Remove tiller from tractor, save four bolts and gasket for next step.

Attach mowing assembly to tractor these four bolts and gasket.

Place pulley on power take-off shaft in line with pulley on cutter bar, install

key in keyway, tighten set screw, locking pulley on shaft. Place belt on pulley.


Place torsion bar in position under right wheel axle, split or V end to rear,

Remove bolt from right front side of fan housing and attach torsion bar with bolt

that is provided, discarding nut. Tighten the bolt making sure that the spacer

on bolt provides free movement of torsion bar.


Remove straight pin and L shaped transport pin from rear of torsion bar, Attach

torsion bar to mower assembly using straight pin in hole provided. Insert cotter

key in pin.


Do not replace transport pin.


Attach round rod on stationary swather by 2 bolts provided.


Fill zerk fittings with grease. Use engine oil freely full length of cutter bar,

and on brass wear plates. Then turn pulley by hand making sure mowing attachment

operates easily and freely. Start tractor engine and allow cutter bar to operate

a few minutes at idling speed to wear in cutter bar. Stop tractor engine.


Attach carrying chain to right handle bar. Push down handle bars and insert the

L shaped transport pin. Raise cutter bar to a vertical position and attach to the

hook on the chain. The machine is now ready for transporting.




Before starting to mow, lower cutter bar and REMOVE TRANSPORT PIN. This is import-

ant, as transport pin is used only when moving mowing outfit from one place to

another. Do not race engine while mowing. Completely lubricate mowing machine

every half hour while mowing.


Belt used is Gates V Belt No.2320. To replace it, disconnect pitman rod from

shaft. Loosen set screw in large pulley, tap pulley toward tractor until the half

round key can be removed from slot in shaft, pull shaft entirely out. Place new

belt in position and reassemble. When reassembling, be sure that pulley is tapped

back to original position so that there is no end play in shaft. End play permits

excessive wear.


The mowing bar comes set in high position for rough mowing on rough ground.

Adjustments are at either end for closer mowing on smooth ground.


For best results always keep cutter bar sharp. Section knives can be removed for

sharpening by removing pin where pitman rod is connected to knives, then pull out

section knives end-wise. To replace knives, reverse this procedure.


When buying the PARKER-GRATE mowing attachment, insist that your dealer demonstrate

how machine is attached to tractor, lubricated and operated. For long life and

best operation, too much importance cannot be attached to proper lubrication.


On B-1-7 Rototiller, operate with R.H. Wheel only.

E.L.G. 11-3-47


This was copied from an original instruction sheet.